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    Ten Tips for Staying Healthy in Midlife

    Staying healthy in midlife should be a priority for us all. The longer we are fortunate enough to be walking this beautiful earth the more important it becomes to take care of our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Unfortunately many midlife women put their own health on the backburner as they take care of everyone around them – partners, children and ageing parents. I have seen many friends and family, both women and men, become ill and have their active adult life ripped away from them early. It is so very sad and often preventable. There are things that we should all be doing to take control of our own…

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    Rocking the Silver Greys in Midlife

    Since the age of 45 I have had a full head of silvery grey hair. The freedom of having ditched the dye is a big deal, but an even bigger deal for me is to be my authentic self. In midlife I have found the inner confidence not to worry about what other people think or be bothered by the archaic idea that grey hair is for the elderly. But my transition to grey wasn’t particularly smooth. I first attempted to ditch the dye a few years earlier but gave up under the pressure of a looming job interview and the fear that I would be rejected based on my…

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    On Turning 50

    It’s a strange feeling. Turning 50 is so laden with cultural connotations of a life half over, an approaching retirement and becoming increasingly less significant in our youth-obsessed world. But I’m not feeling any of this. Admittedly I am more concerned now than ever before about the prospect of declining health as I age. But this is motivating me to eat better, drink less alcohol (a work in progress) and improve my fitness. These can’t be bad things after all. I’m not worried about the clich√© of the invisible older woman. Perhaps my more introvert leaning personality is happy to be away from the spotlight of youth. In reality though,…