Stop and Smell the Roses

Person Smell Sense Of Smell Woman Scent Of Roses

Today is the first day of a new regular blog spot focusing on the importance of self-reflection and appreciation for what is around us. Sometimes life can be so hectic that we forget to stop and smell the roses.

Well, the roses are sweet smelling and beautiful, and they deserve to be noticed.

In Feelgood Friday I will look back on the week and write about something that made me feel good. I will reflect on the things that affected me in a positive way, whether large or small, and take a few moments to really appreciate their presence in my life.

So this week I’m going to stop and appreciate the great feelings I’ve had from becoming active in a new social media group I recently discovered.

CurvyAU is a Facebook group for plus size women in Australia. It is a fast growing group of amazing women of all ages who provide support and encouragement to each other to be our authentic selves and live life to the fullest. I posted a link to one of my blog posts this week and received the kindest comments from so many women which just made my heart sing.

The women in the group give wonderful advice to each other about clothes, appearance and just life matters in general. They are encouraging and sensitive to each other’s needs, and often take the time to provide detailed comments with links to other web pages for inspiration. I’ve already discovered many new clothing retailers I didn’t know existed – look out bank balance! So thank you CurvyAU for brightening my week 🙂