Menopause and Creativity

Women artists

The years around menopause are an unavoidable time of change. They are all too often often associated with a physical slowing down, a decline in memory, unavoidable brain fog, a loss of spark and a general downward spiral towards old age.

But in direct contrast to this bad publicity, many women find their peri through to post-menopausal years to be a time of great clarity, focus and creativity.

The hormonal changes that women experience during menopause can result in very positive experiences. The cessation of menstruation puts a stop to the hormonal surges and drops that have previously taken place each month, and allows new states of energy and creativity to emerge and flourish.

For women who have spent much of their adult lives up to now focussed on home and parenting matters, when children grow up there is suddenly more time to explore their own creative interests.

When others become less dependent on you, there is time to focus on the self.

Women begin to direct more of their energies toward the world outside of home and family, which may suddenly appear as a great, inviting, untapped resource for exploration, creative expression, and self- esteem.

Dr Christiane Northrup talking about menopause

It is generally recognised that creative people are often independent in nature. This is a character trait that many women find increases in middle age as they discover a new found sense of liberation which emerges alongside the countless other changes they experience at this time.

Many midlife women channel their new, or renewed (rediscovered, from long buried in their past), sense of creativity into pursuits such as painting, cooking, writing, and craft. Many crafts that used to be considered uncool have experienced a huge resurgence in recent years, often with thanks to midlife women. It’s now fashionable to knit, sew, bead, draw and make. It’s cool to be a crafter. Surely this makes midlife women the epitome of cool!

Other women express themselves through their outward appearance. Keen to buck the notion of the frumpy middle age woman, and not be bound by the traditional rules of youthful fashion, midlife women find their appearance is the perfect way to express a unique personality, a blossoming individuality – be it wearing a retro mini dress over skinny jeans, a bohemian maxi dress with cowboy boots, or bright colours clashing daringly with vivid patterns. Anything goes when you start to dress for yourself and care less for the notions of others.

The most creative force in the world is a menopausal woman with zest!

Margaret Mead, Anthropologist

Creativity is definitely not the prerogative of youth. Midlife women are busy making wonderful creative lives for themselves and loving every minute of it.

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