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Ten Benefits of Regular Massage in Midlife

I am a big proponent of regular massage. When I have muscular issues one of the first things I do is make a massage appointment. I have had extended periods in my adult life when I have struggled with quite serious hip and lower back problems and weekly treatments have seen me through some very painful times and kept my body in some resemblance of working order.

I love the touch of warm hands on my bare skin, the push of pressure on my aching shoulder muscles, the soothing sweep of palms on my back. Massage is such great therapy for the mind, body and spirit – for the whole person.

As the years march on our bodies start to become a little weary, and the stresses of everyday life take their toll. Those of us who are seated in front of a computer most days often experience stiff shoulders, neck and wrist pain, and those who have more physical work to cope with each day are likely plagued with sore backs, hips and knee joints. A regular massage goes a long way to helping the body repair and the spirit rejuvenate.

Here are ten great benefits of having a regular massage through your midlife years:

1.Decrease the stress of a busy life and keep your body in harmony by taking some time for yourself to be treated by a professional masseuse.

2. Ease aches and pains by stimulating weak muscles and loosening muscles that have tightened and contracted.

3. Maintain and improve flexibility by working muscles that may be neglected due to a busy lifestyle.

4. Improve postural issues in the neck and shoulders caused by sitting for long periods in front of a computer.

5. Improve the condition of your skin and lessen wrinkles by improving blood flow to your face.

6. Improve your overall circulation by stimulating blood flow to all parts of your body.

7. Soothe anxiety and depression caused by fluctuating oestrogen levels during perimenopause.

8. Encourage a good night’s sleep by promoting a state of deep relaxation.

9. Help relieve headaches caused by poor posture and neck tension.

10. Boost your overall immunity to disease by increasing your white blood cell count and helping your body fight off illness.