hospital kiosk

Volunteer for Good

#Feelgood Friday

Every two weeks I volunteer for an afternoon running the kiosk at my local hospital. I love the sense of satisfaction I get from giving a little back to the local community. I get the chance to interact with the patients and staff whilst helping to make money that goes back into the hospital coffers to buy much needed equipment.

The work is completely different from what I do in my regular day job and the joy I get from it is great. It feels good to be helping, to brighten someone’s day with a little happy small talk. I started volunteering about 18 months ago when I was desperately needing a change of pace from my usual work. It gave me that change and has even helped me with my attitude to the rest of my working week.

There are many different types of volunteer roles available to suit all personalities and skill sets. If you’ve been thinking about looking into it I encourage you to bite the bullet and take the plunge.

To find volunteer work you can either look for opportunities directly on the websites of organisations you are interested in helping out or scroll through the hundreds of positions available via general volunteering boards.

Here are a few local Aussie boards to check out: