Walking by the Beach

Melbourne skyline

Hello to Feelgood Friday!

This week had been pretty crap. I’ve been unwell all week with a stinking cold and am feeling just a little sorry for myself. I missed writing my planned blog post earlier in the week but didn’t want to miss Feelgood Friday today as well. Sadly, there hasn’t been that much to appreciate in the last few days, although I have been grateful for the extra soft tissues I purchased at the supermarket last weekend!

For today’s reflection and appreciation I’m looking back to last Sunday and the lovely walk I had with my very close friend of 19 years,  AH. For the last year or so AH and I have had a regular Sunday morning meet up where we walk and talk for an hour by the beach. We’ve known each other since our kids were tiny babies and it is always so nice to hang out together. We spent many years supporting each other through sleepless nights and toddler tantrums back in the day, but know we can catch up unencumbered by little ones and just enjoy each other’s company.

We walked and talked and soaked up the brisk bright morning sunshine. The view over the bay to the city of Melbourne was stunning, the ever expanding skyline dazzled at the edge of the water.

I am appreciative for my wonderful friend who is such great company, and for this beautiful city that we both call home.